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Framework Manager  (click for screen shots) is a full featured self contained Windows 95/98/NT/2000 application designed to automate and manage all aspects of building and maintaining a properly skilled ESI workforce at all levels from semi-skilled support staff to company technical design and development specialists. It complements and supports widely available general purpose Training Administration software packages and can export and import summary and employee data to and from company wide large scale Human Resource Information Systems (HRISís). Visit the Electricity Training Association (ETA) etaframe.com personal developement management site to see an example Framework Manager competence Framework.

    • Robust Competence Management methodology
    • Built in  Electrical Power Utility Engineer skills databases (over 10,000 ESI and support competence topics)
    • Tools to allow quick construction of local specialised topic groupings
    • Two component model of competence (  Underlying principles and Practical experience/proficiency)
    • Mapping to Industry competence standards where applicable
    • Role and Individual competence profile builder
    • Capability Audit documentation generator and Data entry
    • Employee database import from standard Personnel Database systems
    • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis functionality (Customisation service available for special requirements)
      • Competence League Tables
      • Gap analysis and prioritisation
      • Training and Development requirements generator
      • Overview summaries for export in standard formats to general purpose Personnel Database systems or Spreadsheets for further analysis.
    • Customisable Training and Development solutions database
    • Graphical training scheme scheduling and assignment to employees / groups
    • Full employee Training and Development progress recording
    • Competence evidence portfolio building and detailed assessment tracking
    • Graphical displays of summary information
    • Fully customisable to local requirements
    • Product consultancy support/training available for all  aspects of the Competence Management process
    • Contact Greg.Keogh@kefax.com to discuss your requirements and/or
    •   Ask us to send a Demo CD 
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