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Tel: +44 (0)1623 422099 Fax: +44 (0)1623 428878 e-mail: enquiries@kefax.co.uk

Knowing what is (and isn�t) available sometimes helps crystalise what is needed. In the training environment there are vast numbers of packages and consultants and courseware developers. Finding the appropriate material or service may not be easy or profitable in terms of the time it costs to find.

To help with, power industry professional learning support, we offer a discussion facility. You can contact us by e-mail, �phone or fax and outline the issues or situations you want to discuss. Or you can share questions and comments with others by participating in our open discussion forum. We will respond by providing as much information as we can deliver or, at very worst, pointers to other likely sources of help and information. We draw on our expertise and experience to give the most help and advice we can on issues such as:

      nAnalysis of training needs and development of training strategies

      nMixing media to deliver training � their effectiveness

      nDeveloping your own training materials

      nLikely costs of different approaches.

To take advantage of this facility:

      nemail:   enquiries@kefax.co.uk

      nFax:      44 (0) 1623 428878

      n�Phone: 44 (0) 1623 422099

What can you expect?

All approaches are subject to a priority system. Obviously, if a query can be dealt with on the spot, we will endeavour to do so. More likely, once the issue has been described and discussed, we would like a little time to go away and assemble source material to help you deal with the issue most effectively. At some point, we will phone to make sure that you have received what you need, and to discuss ways in which we might be of further assistance.

What�s in it for us?

KeFax has a vested interest in discussing potential training solutions with you:

      nWe get a picture of the issues and concerns driving the ESI on a day-to-day basis

      nWe get evaluation information on materials and services in use in the ESI

      nWe build up our contact database with valuable names � managers and training practitioners whom we can talk to on an authoritative basis.

From this we can keep a unique finger on the pulse of ESI training requirements and practice. This helps us maintain the quality of our service and enables us to say that no-one is better placed to advise and help in developing skills relevant in the ESI.

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