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Short-term projects present a range of problems which may not be easy to manage out of current resources administrative or HR. Assembling the correct mix of expertise or facilities may occupy more of these resources than can be justified by the projected results of implementing the project.

Providing staff or other resources on a short-term basis can be a very fraught experience. Protected employee rights, PAYE, National Insurance for temporary staff and so on, can all be confusing and difficult to integrate with established procedures. This is supposing you can locate appropriate staff and that you have the time to assess their capability to meet your short-term requirements.

KeFax can help we can:

      nHelp you determine the parameters in which to organise individual projects

      nIdentify the resources you need to implement it

      nSet up and then manage the execution of the project

      nSelect suitable candidates from a wide range of potential staff

      nMatch their expertise to your requirements

      nAdminister all contractual details from initial take-up through to termination of contract.

      nAct as a short term contractor agency

If you employ a number of staff in this way, you only have a single contact to deal with in the event of dissatisfaction or complaint. All the administration is handled by us leaving your resources free for your regular tasks.

We can interview prospective staff for these contracts and bring in a shortlist of candidates for you to select from confident that they can all perform to the level required.

Our network of staff available for this type of work includes people from every discipline within the ESI, able to contribute in a wide range of projects from management training projects, overseeing and running new installation projects until handover right through to ancillary and auxiliary services on plant and sites.

We are much more than a short term contractor agency  but we are more than happy to supply high grade temporary or short- term personnel to meet particular needs if that is what's required. We can supply expertise and resources to bring projects to fruition without making incursions into your business activities.

We would be very pleased to discuss any ways in which we can help you resource your technical/managerial short-term projects.



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