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Quality Technical Training for the Power Industry

Contact Gill Dillon on

Tel: +44 (0)1623 422099 Fax: +44 (0)1623 420988 e-mail: enquiries@kefax.co.uk

see our Electrical Power Skills knowledge base

Our involvement and experience in the ESI over many years has allowed us to assemble an enviable range of experts and resources to deliver courses in key topic areas. As a  guide to our capabilities please review our sample a KeFax Course List, this should provide ideas of what can be achieved by effectively  targeted Short sharp modules away from the work place.

However, acquiring a meaningful new skill involves much more than simply attending a short course - consequently these module suggestions are essentially Introductory course outlines designed to form one component towards building and maintaining individual, business driven skill sets . A course in Distribution Planning  or  Power Station Chemistry, for  example, could conform broadly to the outline to be found in the Directory listing in this publication. An actual delivered course, however, will comprise information and learning materials which expand this skeleton into your business, and pave the way for future personal study and on-job practice reflecting your concerns, your technical procedures and your business culture.

Our on-line ESI Skills Framework provides a useful tool for helping you to identify your content requirement. Simply Log On and follow a few simple steps to Register a new profile, briefly describe the general requirements and populate it with entries from our extensive structured ESI Skills Libraries.  E-mail the profile ID and password to us and we will be more than happy to suggest a range of Learning support options for you to choose from. 

While our course outlines can alter to reflect your requirements, they will all conform in the following ways:

      nCourse objectives will be discussed and agreed before the actual structure is determined

      nLocation and delivery methods will reflect the opportunities and constraints which present themselves in particular, balancing the achievement of the objectives with time spent away from the workplace

      nEach course will be led by recognised authorities in the particular field

      nProgress towards the course objectives will be assessed as the course develops

      nAn evaluation report will be produced on completion.

Our range of courses covers the following broad areas:

      nGeneration transmission distribution skills development

      nFirst Line maintenance

      nProfessional Development

      nTechnical Support

      nGeneralist Professional

      nTechnical Specialist.

 Please refer to the Directory for the individual course outlines grouped under these headings.

 Where appropriate, courses involve extensive hands-on or project work. They support the current  IEE/IMechE/IIE ethos for  personally managed Continuing Professional Development and can be developed to meet the requirement for learning support beyond simple attendance.

For a sample Course Outlines browse our KeFax Course List

See electrical power training approach for a description of our specialised, individual approach to course contents.

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